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Basic gardening and weeding in London by Tanner's Gardening Services

We at Tanner's Gardening Services London know how tedious weeding and basic garden preparation is. That is why we are here to put you out of that misery and let you enjoy the real pleasure of creating your own garden.

Our basic garden preparation includes:

  • Land cultivation and fertilizing (if needed)
  • Checking for and removing any remains of weeds (using different methods according to each case).

Some of the widest methods of weeding are the following:

  • Manually pulling the weeds together with the roots (often the most effective)
  • Using various types of hoes, such as draw hoe, warren hoe or a scuffle hoe
  • Herbicides
  • Chemicals

In choosing our methods of weeding and basic gardening, we always make sure we first consult with our client. We know important your garden is to you, so you can count on us to make it a beautiful and safe place for you and your flowers.

To contact us, feel free to call 020 3404 5302 or fill out our free estimation form.

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