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Reviewed by Jenny T. on Apr 21, 2018

The gardeners from Tanner's Gardening Services are extremely accurate and you can tell that they really like their jobs. They did wonders with my patio and I will absolutely call them again next time.

Reviewed by Allan Smith on Apr 14, 2018

I have a lovely garden in front of my house, looking at the street, but unfortunately, I had neglected it over time. When I thought it was high time I do something about it, I saw an ad about Tanner's Gardening Services and gave them a call. I had never used professional gardening services before, but I must admit that now, my garden is the best one in the whole street. Thank you, Tanner's Gardening Services.

Reviewed by Scott Bell on Apr 11, 2018

What I appreciated most about the gardeners from Tanner's Gardening Services was their detailed knowledge about all sorts of flowers (I'm a passionate gardener myself) and how to take care of them. Now they are not just my regular gardening team, but my friends, too.

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